Anonymous asked: how long have you been liking christian eriksen? i'm dane that's why i'm wondering.

Since euro 2012! I loved watching Denmark for I don’t even know what reason but I did and he stood out the most. I was super happy to see him come to the EPL

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Anonymous asked: If you have Luis Suarez on your top ten favorite(s), then there is a big problem

dont care

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Anonymous asked: why is david silva not on that list he better be #11 hidden from us or something

he’s top 15

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I was tagged by justtjordon to do this.
Top 10 Favorite Footballers:
1) Joe Hart
2) Yaya Toure
3) Christian Eriksen
4) Vincent Kompany
5) Thomas Muller
6) Manuel Neuer
7) Eden Hazard
8) Luis Suarez
9) Sergio Aguero
10) Marco Reus

I nominate all of you

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